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Al Traynor has music on "Jerry mac & Friends Volume 1"
"Jerry Mac & Friends Volume 1" is now available at itunes.
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Al Traynor's music is, also, at Country Music Planet Social Network & his music is played on Jerry Mac's Radio show at the network. You are invited to join our network by going to www.goodcountrysongs.com/social & clicking on Join Now. It is free. Create a web site at no cost to you. Listen to some of the greatest country music anywhere. This is for both fans and entertainers. To listen to our shows at the network, click on chat near the top right of all pages after you sign in.We do the shows in our chat room at Country Music Planet Social Network on Saturdays & Sudays from 1:00 PM til 5:00 PM Eastern time & on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 PM til 8:00 PM Eastern time. After logging into the network click on chat near the top right of any page at the network.



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